188金宝慱亚洲体育. 许多路径.

为通识教育学生寻求私立学校设置, Journey Prep School is registered and approved by the New York State Board of Regents. Our curriculum and the “core” subjects we offer meet New York State requirements. We also offer a wide variety of electives that match students’ interests, 包括非常重要的steam课程(科学, 技术, 工程, 艺术, 和数学), 哪一种培养了协作和团队精神的文化. 188bet金宝搏与Project Lead the Way合作, a non-profit organization that provides transformative learning experiences for K-12 students and teachers across the U.S. 通过这个合作关系, 188bet金宝搏创造了一个吸引人的, hands-on classroom environment and empower students to develop in-demand knowledge and skills they need to thrive. 188bet金宝搏也为教师提供培训, 资源, 并支持他们让学生参与真实世界的学习.

We offer courses in drawing, illustration, painting, sculpture, and photography. 对于有兴趣的学生, 还有一种天赋, 一种创造性的艺术, developing a portfolio can help him or her gain acceptance to a highly competitive U.S. 大学. 音乐课程提供钢琴教学, 吉他, 低音吉他, 人声, 以及歌曲创作课程. We participate in NYSSMA (the New York State School Music Association), the New York affiliate of the National Association for Music Education. NYSSMA is a professional organization that evaluates student musicians in New York State from elementary school to high school.

Our innovative Social Skills Curriculum is mandatory for all Journey Prep School students and provides them with the tools necessary to become contributing members of society. Public speaking skills are taught in all grades to prepare them for professional situations. 所有学生通过大脑课程学习全脑理论, 哪些是设计用来教授终身成功的应用程序的. We also teach the long-term application of social-emotional learning excellence, 在当今快节奏的竞争世界中很有帮助.

We educate the “whole child,” as opposed to viewing the child as only an academic performer. The “whole child” approach helps prepare Journey Prep School students to meet the daily challenges of life by learning about themselves, 健康的关系, 与亲社会行为.


Journey Prep School students work toward a New York State Regents diploma in a very active college preparatory program that begins in their elementary grades. We want them to enjoy education while meeting testing challenges positively. Regents exams are given on site, as well as SATs and SAT preparatory courses. The curriculum is delivered using a carefully balanced system within student-centered classrooms. The specific approach we use within our academic program encourages students to embrace academic rigor and high achievement.

The New York State Regents Diploma is a highly regarded and nationally recognized diploma by top universities.

Rich cultural experiences fulfill the need for each student to learn from the contributions of those who have walked before them. Our program fully prepares each graduate to become a meaningful member of society and to bring the positivity they have experienced into our world.

大学感谢188bet金宝搏的毕业生, who are willing to work hard and “stay the course” applying useful skills learned at Journey. The secret behind each of our student success stories is found in our unique teaching philosophy; we call Educative Holism. 因为188bet金宝搏的教学方法, 学生们更有信心面对未来. A Journey Prep educated student does not retreat when times get tough, or challenges arise. 他们已经做好了“坚持到底”的充分准备.”


Journey Prep School (formerly Sappo School) is a New York State Regents approved, 非宗教私立K-12大学预科学校. 位于长岛的中心, Journey Prep has a 25-year proven track record of educating students from all parts of Long Island and abroad.

We pride ourselves on consistently and successfully educating “the whole child" while being directly aligned with our motto “188金宝慱亚洲体育. 许多路径.”

Our students thrive and succeed in Journey’s welcoming and nurturing environment, interactive classrooms with a focus on 蒸汽 and a project based curriculum, 小班制(每班最多15名学生), 有些班级有两名老师).

We provide a high-level of college preparation beginning in 8th grade, giving Journey Prep School students a solid foundation for acceptance into the top Universities and Colleges.



Maximum of 15 students in all classes, some with two teachers, is the essence of Journey. 一个教室里学生的全国平均水平 是30-40岁,但在旅程,188bet金宝搏的平均水平是 10-12. 这是多么大的不同啊.


All students in our reading program achieve proficiency in reading, 拼写, 并通过188bet金宝搏行之有效的教学程序进行写作, 根据基于研究的Orton Gillingham方法论定制.


We welcome every student and make it clear we value each one of them. A “good morning” is our way to start the day and not just a bell ringing.


在Journey,188bet金宝搏有一个安全与保障主任. Student safety is paramount to us—both in the school and our entire campus perimeter.


Project-based learning is designed to engage students through real life problems. 它提供了更持久的主题保留.


188bet金宝搏以蒸汽(科学, 技术, 工程, 艺术 和数学) to fully provide the student with a well rounded education. 188bet金宝搏与“Project Lead the Way”合作.”


We customize our teaching to your child’s strengths and strengthen their weaknesses. 每个孩子学习的方式不同, 188bet金宝搏不强迫他们接受计划好的僵化的课程, 188bet金宝搏把他们的教学个性化.


188bet金宝搏90%的学生上大学. 有些是美国最有声望的.


188bet金宝搏的一些学生来自世界各地. 想想看,如果 your child understood our world from the view of their best friend from China or 欧洲?


在Journey,188bet金宝搏把你的孩子视为 “完整的人”,而不仅仅是他们的学术成就. 188bet金宝搏考虑他们的情绪, 他们的社会功能,他们的优点和缺点. 总和大于部分.


每个孩子每天都要花几分钟冥想. 188bet金宝搏跟随一个新的国家 program that reduces stress, increases cognitive development, balances their 并提高他们学习的意愿.


Journey has joined one of the fastest growing sports leagues in the Country. 哪个孩子 不想在电脑游戏方面与其他学校竞争? 在前六个月 alone, there are already 450 schools in the Nation participating.


All students at Journey will receive a laptop computer using the Linux based Chrome OS系统,使所有类交互.


这是Journey的另一个新项目. 它连接着家长、老师和学生. 高度 confidential, each portal provides valuable information on your child—academic, 社会福利,历史等等.


旅程教会188bet金宝搏的学生如何成为领导者. 他们未来的生活将不断 changing and being a leader can be the difference between success and failure.




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